Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Festivities

I have been procrasti-blogging for awhile because I keep forgetting my camera when we do things, and I keep forgetting to get copies of the pictures my sister/brother-in-law get. Anyway, last weekend we went down to Tooele to celebrate Dylan's 16th birthday (I know, I can't believe he's 16 already!). Again, I forgot my camera, but at least we got copies from Marc!

Jace and Brooklyn in their Easter dress-up.

Trying to kiss for the camera.

LOVE this picture of Jace whispering to Brooklyn. Seriously, they're such buds.

Showing their "I Love You" signs. They're so sweet and always telling me they love me in sign-language.

The only cousin shot we got. I don't know where Dylan & Rylan were...

Kylee showing off her Easter Dress. She looked beautiful! I can't believe how big she's getting!

Rylan showing his skills on the skate board.

Sweet little Noah...drooling and teething...poor kid..
It's kind of funny that there's no pictures of the birthday boy! He was down stairs on the wii or computer most of the time! It was great to have an excuse to get together though!!!