Sunday, December 26, 2010

What a Month!

What a great month!! I absolutely love this time of year!! The only problem is it has gone by way too fast and we've been way too busy! We started out the month with some more Canadian visitors!

Brooklyn and Papa watching some TV. Papa hasn't come down to Utah for 4 years, so we were very happy to have him here!

Grammy is smart and know that the key to the kids' heart is through making sugar cookies! They had so much fun pouring and mixing and of course sprinkling!

Sissy helping Grammy roll out the dough.

Trevor graduated from Nursing School on the 8th!! We are so excited to be done with this chapter in Trevor's schooling! It was even nicer to have his parents there, as well as my family for support.

Because I am an RN, I was able to "pin" Trevor at his pinning ceremony! It was awesome!

Trevor with one of his favorite teachers and his study partners at graduation. Too bad he starts school in a week for his Bachelors in Nursing! The fun never ends!

Brooklyn loved playing with Grammy!

We took the in-laws to the Aerospace Museum. Jace and Brooklyn kept wanting me to take pictures of them and I love how this one turned out. They really are the best of friends!!

Here Brooklyn is giving Grammy some "Cheeky Time". She loves to cuddle and have cheek-to-cheek time. I love it!

The kids loved to wrestle with Papa! They also enjoyed playing foosball with him. They stayed for about a week-and-a-half and left way too soon!

The next big event for the month was Jace's preschool party/program. Here's Brooklyn with Santa. Where's Jace? He was too afraid!!

After a visit from Santa we frosted sugar cookies, made crafts, and read Christmas Stories.

Jace is already a big tease to his sister! But he loves it when she's able to come to preschool activities. He wants her to be included in all the activities and is very protective over her.

Here Jace is getting ready to sing "Rudolph". He did such a good job and sang all the words!

Such a sweet boy!

Here are some of Jace's preschool friends with Mrs. Lisa. He has grown up and learned so much since starting preschool! I can't believe he'll be starting kindergarten this fall!

Next up was our ward Christmas party. Again, Sissy sat on Santa's lap but Jace wouldn't.

Kylee was happy to take Brooklyn up to see Santa and is always such a good helper and friend to the kids when she comes over.

Jace & Brooklyn the Sunday before Christmas! Such sweethearts!

Getting ready to open presents on Christmas Eve at Grandpa & Grandma Barnes'. I felt bad that all of us got presents on Grandpa's birthday! Like always, they spoiled us way to much! They kids are getting much better and sitting, smiling, and looking at the camera. They are such cheesers!

Saying thanks to Grandpa for all of the presents! They were spoiled!

Giving loves to Grandma.

Trevor and the kids on Christmas Eve night in their Christmas jammies! It was so fun getting ready for Christmas this year! The kids were so excited to leave out cookies and milk for Santa and were so anxious for his arrival! They make Christmas so magical!

I ended up taking more video of the kids than still photos on Christmas morning so I'm kind of bummed! The kids were so excited about each of their presents and were so fun to watch! Here they are cuddling in their stuffed animal-sleeping bags. I will post some pictures of their favorite toys and presents later. Santa spoiled them way too much! We had such a great Christmas!

We went to Tooele to spend Christmas day with Marc & Shelly and their family. It was so nice! The kids loved playing with their cousins! They all played on iTouches or iPhones all day! The older kids and grown-ups played several rounds of Settlers of Catan and enjoyed spending the day in our jammies and relaxing.

Here is Brooklyn cuddling with Shel!

its a boy feet

In other news, most of you know that we're expecting a little boy due May 4th! We're excited and anxious for this new arrival! The kids are getting excited to have a new baby brother and are anxious to spill the beans to anyone who will listen! We're kind of scared to be out-numbered by kids, but we're excited to add to our family!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I can't believe Thanksgiving has come and gone! I think the more I anticipate events, the quicker they go by!! We started out this thankful week by having the Edmonds (aka Trevor's sister and her family) come down for a week long visit!! We love having them come for visits, the kids absolutely adore their cousins, and their cousins dote upon the kiddos all week. Unfortunately, it's become a trend that when I'm busing having fun with family, I don't take nearly enough pictures!! I've really got to get better at it, because the kids adore looking at these pictures.

They started out the week playing outside with our first real snow storm.

Here is their beautiful snowman!! When we came home from church we had a bunch of neighbor boys in the back yard building forts and throwing snowballs up the street. So the kids (sweet Chrissy went out and helped Jace & Brooklyn) went up the street to a vacant lot* to have some fresh snow. (I'll talk more about this later...)

Jace had a Thanksgiving program at school. He got to be an Indian!! I volunteered in his class with their Thanksgiving feast and the kids were a blast! I love his preschool and teacher, and better yet, he loves it too!

Here he is singing during the program. (One of the parts that he actually participated in the actions!!)

Thanksgiving day was FABULOUS!!! We had my parents, both sisters and their families, and of course the Edmonds with us....19 in total. The food was great, and the company even better.

Marc, aka Ariel. Brooklyn thought this was the funniest thing ever!

Wes and Noah. Such handsome boys!

We looked through all the ads, and formulated our plans for the next day (actually, we started that night and didn't get home until 6:00 am the next morning!).

It seems like there was a LOT of playing on the iPhones, laptops, etc. This is a frequent scene at our house. I think my kids have spent more time on my iPhone than I have!!

More playing on the computers....

And again...more iPhones! It's nice that Jen's girls get along so well with Shel's kids!

And then on Saturday, it was time to say goodbye :o(. The week went by way too fast and we couldn't believe it was already time to say our farewells. Here's Brooklyn with Uncle Kevin.

Aunty Jen got some gifts for the kids to give before she had to go. (And she left more to give to them on Christmas! She spoiled them WAY too much!)

Kisses from the little Sissy Mouse.

The girls are helping Brooklyn play her Princess Memory. Jace, on the other hand didn't want much help, he just wanted to play his own way!

Jace giving a big kiss to Kevin! He sure loved him! He always wanted to sit on his lap and cuddle him.

More kisses to Sarah.

Sarah, and Brooklyn!

**Here is the whole Edmonds family on the lot that they BOUGHT while they were here! We are absolutely THRILLED!! It's across the street and up a few houses/lots from us. We're counting down the days until they will build here and make the big move, but apparently it's going to be about 2 years....but we're hoping it will be sooner!
We also saw the new Harry Potter and Tangled while they were here, did WAY too much shopping, ate WAY too much food, and didn't play NEARLY enough games. We loved our visit, and look forward to our next set of Canadian visitors at the end of the week!