Thursday, May 27, 2010

Floating Across the Duck Pond

Yesterday my sister Tara came over and we decided to take the kids on a walk to the duck pond. When we got there we scouted out some hungry looking ducks, and walked across the bridge and down to the water's edge. Well, I got a call from Trevor, and Tara was talking on her phone to Wes, and next thing I know, Tara yells my name and starts laughing hysterically. I'm not sure if the kids bumped the wagon or what, but it rolled right into the pond. Tara just stood there laughing, and I hurried and took my socks and shoes off and ran into the water after it, but it just floated further away....and I was not about to submerge myself in that nasty water! Random people were stopping and taking picture of our little mishap. Luckily it eventually floated to the other side of the pond and I was able to wade out a little bit and grab it. Of course we didn't bring our camera, but luckily Tara had her camera phone! The quality isn't the greatest, but it makes me laugh just looking at these!

Here's the wagon floating across the pond. It floated under the bridge and across to the other side. I was kind of nervous because this lady there was saying that it would probably just stall in the middle of the pond and we'd need a kayak to go get it.

Here is Brooklyn on the other side of the pond watching the wagon. The kids were very distressed about this, they love that wagon!

Here I am in the filthy water! The kids were cheering, and kept saying "Mommy save the day!" so I guess it was all worth it!
I'm just happy that there weren't any kids in the wagon...and that the wagon floats! Sure made for an entertaining day!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cowboys, Worms, and a Little Bed Head

Well, the kids are home, and life is back to "normal" again...although I'm not sure if things are ever really normal! The kids were excited to find out we got them presents while we were gone.
Jace said, "I'm sorry, Mom, we didn't get you any presents. It's the wrong holiday for you to get presents. Maybe on the next holiday you'll get some presents!" What a cutie...

Here are the kids in their cowboy hats. The first thing they just had to do was get their rocking horses. (What's a cowboy without his/her horse?!) Then they had to watch Toy Story, because now they have a hat like Woody!

With the nicer weather we've been having, the kids have a new found love for bugs. I will probably dedicate another post to that, but this picture is of Brooklyn saying "Shhh, Mommy, my worms are sleeping!" She had her worms wrapped up in her blanky! What a good little mommy she is!

And here is Jace with some MAJOR bed-head!! I think he looks just like my brother, Nate, in this picture! We actually just cut his hair on Sunday, we just couldn't handle the shag any longer..but I must say I'll definitely miss the bed-head!!! More pics to come...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Seven Years!!!

Seven years ago today, Trevor and I were married. Crazy to think how fast time flies when you're having fun with the one you love! We've officially made it through our "Seven Year Itch" with no itchiness at all! We've had such a great year...each one seems to get better and better!
For our anniversary, Trevor surprised me with a weekend trip to Jackson Hole. He arranged for the kids to go to Shelly & Marc's for a long weekend (Thursday through Monday) so we could spend the weekend together. It has been so nice to escape reality and spend a few days with just the two of us, although it's funny, because as soon as we get a break from our kids that's all we can talk about! It was nice to focus on each other and relax together but we've missed the kids a lot and realize how big a part they are of our lives and our marriage.
We did a lot of shopping and walking around the weather was fabulous! We also were able to see both Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood which was a lot of fun! We're both big movie buffs, so it was fun to actually see some movies while they're still in the theatre! We weren't too good at taking pictures, but snapped some today before we came home...

Here I am outside our hotel. Ugh. Hate it, but I guess it documents a memory..

Trev outside the hotel...

Here we are with "Trev's DAD"... I mean Big Foot!

Standing by the Antler Arch in Town Square...

Trev was so excited to get his picture taken!
We had a blast, but it's also nice to be home. It's especially nice that even though it's hard to go back to reality, reality isn't all that bad....

Friday, May 7, 2010

Catch Up

Seems like it's time to catch up! We've been busy taking advantage of the nice weather and I haven't been the best at taking pictures. Here's some of the things we've been up to lately...

We have been frequenting the park. It's nice to let the kids run around and burn off some energy!

The kids love the "baby" swings at the park! Jace is way too big for them but I don't really care!

We had an Easter Egg hunt inside the day before Eater since there was snow on the ground outside (yuck!).

The kids loved searching for the eggs and loved even more what they found inside them!

Sunday morning the Easter Bunny hid some more eggs.

By this time the kids were pros at finding the eggs!!!

They were thrilled to find out that the Easter Bunny brings presents too!

The kids have been loving their new bikes and are getting really good at riding down the street!

We've been playing a lot with bubbles too! We got a fun machine at Costco that automatically blows the bubbles, so we can just sit and watch!

Trevor and Wes went to Moab for a WEEK so Tara stayed over and we took turn watching each other's kids so she could do her exercise group in the morning, and I could work in the evening. It certainly made us realize how much we love and miss our hubby's when they're gone!

The kids have loved having Daddy home, especially since he makes cookies usually once a week!! He's such a great Dad!!!
In other note-worthy news, Trevor graduated from PN school a couple of weeks ago, and has just finished his first week in the RN program!! He will be taking his boards for his LPN early next month and should graduate with his RN in December! We're so happy and proud of him!! And I'm especially excited for him to take over my role in the working department!!!