Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trevor's Pride and Joy

Trevor has been busy this summer babying some raspberry and strawberry plants he bought this spring. It's our second attempt with both (last year our neighbor's bunnies liked to munch on them a bit), so this time around Trevor has been out there just about every day hand watering (although we have a drip system that he could utilize), weeding, and cleaning up the neighbor's cat poop. We weren't expecting any berries this year, because it's their first year, but we've had a dozen or so of these delicious raspberries!

Trevor and Brooklyn showing of the goods.

A closer look...

Brooklyn, enjoying the goodness.

These two rugrats have also been loving that their Daddy has been around a little more often (he only has class one day a week and clinicals have been somewhat sparse before precepting starts next week).

Like father, like son (in so many ways!!)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

She's THREE?!?

I can't believe my baby is three! Seriously. I feel like everything is going by so quickly! I'd just like to pause things for a little while and enjoy these two little rugrats before they grow up any more!

Here is Brooklyn a couple days before her birthday sporting her "I heart Olivia" shirt to send to her cousin Olivia for her birthday (which I have yet to send...I know, I'm the worst auntie ever!)

Here's Brooklyn going to town on her pinata. Yes, we didn't have a great way to hang the thing, and yes, this is a rake that Marc is holding to hang the pinata on! (As a side note, I LOVE that my kids call pinatas "Beehauna")

Noah even took a try, although he almost hit Trevor's head instead of the pinata!

Rylan was so focused, although Dylan was the one to finally destroy the thing...

Of course Brooklyn had the constant help of her big brother! He was much more anxious to open presents than she was! (Tara overheard them talking before we opened presents. Jace asked Brooklyn, "Are you going to be a nice girl or a mean girl?", Brooklyn said "A nice girl". Jace said, "Do you know what that means? That means you have to share all of your presents with me.")

The beautiful birthday girl!

Opening more presents. I swear it felt like Christmas!

Giving Dylan loves. So sweet!

The princess birthday cake. Not my most beautiful creation, but definitely not my area of expertise either! I don't like my cakes cooked all the way...and discovered that they aren't very pretty if they're not...and they're even harder to frost!

Blowing out the candles

My beautiful birthday princess! She was so excited with all of her dress-ups. Her and Kylee couldn't possibly wait until after the cake to try them on!!
Happy Birthday to the sweetest three year old I know!!!