Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Canadian Surprise!!!

Trevor and I decided to make a surprise visit to Canada for Christmas! We told Trev's mom and she was able to keep it a secret from everyone! (Very impressive!). We got up here on Friday night just in time for the Mummer's "Retirement Party", which was just an excuse to get everyone together for when we arrived. Anyway, we've been having a blast so far except for the fact that we're freezin' our tushies off! Geez....it's cold! Here are a few pics so far....many fun memories come...

Jace & Chrissy watching "Mr. The Grinch" (That's what Jace calls it anyway). Jace is loving his older cousins, and they love playing with him! They're constnatly doting over the kids and are at they're beck & call.

Jace & Mason. They're only 6 months apart and are buds.

Jace & Mason wrestling with Papa (they were a pretty good match!).

Using Papa's tummy as a trampoline!

Mason showing Jace & Brooklyn how to play with his Dad's I-Phone.

Aside from the COLD weather, we're having a great time relaxing and catching up with family! The kids can't wait for Christmas! (And neither can we!)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

He Survived!!!

(Trevor gowning up to go into an isolation room)

Trevor has officially survived the first semester of the Nursing Program!! We're so proud of him, and happy that he has no school or work for the rest of the year!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Latest Happenings

Well, I haven't been the best at keeping up with all of our on-goings lately, so I'm going to do a quick catch-up!

Brooklyn thinks she's still a baby and likes to ride in the swing (when we get it out for Noah). It's hard to tell her no when she still meets the weight requirement!

Jace & Brooklyn are the bestest friends and have SO much fun together! Trevor & I have enjoyed the new freedom that their friendship has brought! They like to go into their rooms to play and yell at us when we try to come in. I wish I could be a fly on the wall...

The kids love to read every night before bed.

Last week we had our first real snow storm of the season and I helped the kids make their first snowman. I haven't made one in years and forgot how much work they are to make!

We celebrated Christmas with Grandma & Grandpa before they went to Hawaii and the kids can't get enough of their new "forts".

We've enjoyed spending more time with Daddy, even though he has to study a lot. He has two more finals and he's done for the rest of the semester. We can't hardly wait!

Brooklyn is finding new hiding places.

And I'm trying to prep myself for taking her "meemee" (binkie) away. I don't know who depends on it more, her or me!

We went to the Festival of Trees over the weekend and the kids loved to see all the trees! We had to get some cinnamon rolls while we were there. You could smell them from the parking lot!

Trevor had to get a picture of the Canadian Christmas tree!

On Saturday we took the kids to Home Depot for their Kid's workshop.

The kids loved to used the hammers and other tools!

Here's Trev & the kids with their final products!