Saturday, April 12, 2008


We sold our house about a week ago and I'm having really mixed emotions. On one hand I'm happy our house has sold (without a realtor, I might add) before the spring rush when everyone's house is on the market and before the market goes down any more on the seller side. Interest rates are low again which is a huge plus in purchasing a new house as well. I'm excited to get into something bigger too.

At the same time I'm so sad to leave our home! This is the first house Trev and I have lived in together and we've put so much work into it that it's hard to say goodbye. What's even harder is saying goodbye to such an amazing neighborhood and ward. We have lived in this ward for our entire marriage (which is approaching 5 years) and have made such good friends. We love all of our neighbors and will hate to leave. At the same time, who likes moving? The thought of boxing up all our crap and moving it, unpacking it, and putting it away doesn't sound like too much fun either.

As of May 30th we're homeless so we're anxiously looking for a new home. We're looking mostly in the Layton/Kaysville/Syracuse area so if any of you know any homes for sale, let us know. House hunting is a pain, I'm sick of it already. It's very time consuming and difficult especially when you have 2 little ones. I'm spending most of my free time looking at homes on-line which is why I have been and probably will be a bad blogger for awhile. I just hope we can find something we love as much as this.

Wish us luck!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Easter came WAY too fast this year but we had a ton of fun! Tara took Jace down to Tooele on Friday night so he could take part in their annual neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt (I had to work). He had an absolute blast and at WAY too much "nandy"! Here he is with Kylee enjoying the festivities.

I stole all of these pictures from my brother-in-laws blog because my camera & computer are being mental, anyway, thanks Marc for taking such cute pictures of my kiddos! This one is of Jace, Marc made the blue stand out. Awesome, huh?
On Easter Trev, Brooklyn, and I joined the rest of the fam in Tooele for Easter dinner. We had so much fun visiting with everyone, and it turned out being a nice day so we were able to spend a lot of time out doors. Jace got some fun bubbles from the Easter Bunny (aka Tara) and a new ball, magna doodle, and other fun stuff. Trev and Rylan tried to fly a kite too.

Here are my cute babies! Jace actually wanted to hold Brooklyn, although neither wanted to look at the camera.

Jace would not cooperate for a family picture, but Brooklyn did. Again, Marc has an awesome camera and was able to bring out the red in the picture. Kind of makes Trev look like he has lipstick though! Ha ha!

Hope you all had a nice Easter and were able to celebrate with your families and friends! We're so grateful for Easter, and for our Savior.