Thursday, July 1, 2010

Showing Our Canadian Pride

In honor of Canada Day, the kids and I are sporting our Canadian attire. Unfortunately Trev has clinicals most of the day, and I'm on-call tonight, our celebration will be minimal. However, we had to take pictures to prove our Canadian pride. The kids were so excited to wear their Canada shirts, but thought that meant they got to go to Canada today. They were disappointed when I told them we wouldn't be going for another 4 weeks. Anyway, here are the kiddos showing their pride.

I had to bribe them with candy they got from the parade, but they did hold still for a 1/2 a second for me to snap a picture. They're so enthusiastic!

This is how most of the pictures turned out. Laughing, wrestling, tickling. LOVE these kids!

Waving to Grammy & Papa in Canada!

Shouting "Hooray"!

Again, this is how the majority of the pictures turned out...

Two little monkeys hanging from the swing!
We wish we were in Canada to share in all of the festivities, but I suppose we'll just have to wait a couple days to celebrate with parades, fairs, and fireworks! Oh how love the summer!