Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Jace has finally graduated from his crib (which we sold yesterday on KSL!) to a big boy bed! I'm sure most kids graduate a lot sooner, but we enjoyed the fact that he was contained in his crib, and didn't push the whole "big boy bed" thing. Although he could climb in and out of his crib easily, Jace never would get out when he woke up from a nap or in the morning. It was bliss! Well, we finally decided that if Jace had it his way, he'd probably start kindergarten in his crib, so we (meaning Trevor & Wes) set up his new bed (which I bought almost a year ago and has been sitting in our garage in a box.). Anyway, we set it up and Jace loves it! We thought it would end our days of child-imprisonment, but we have been pleasantly surprised that Jace doesn't get out of bed in the morning until we come and get him! He still naps too! And has only fallen out of bed twice. He's doesn't really like sheets, and isn't sure about the whole pillow thing, but loves his new bed!

Here are some pictures of the sleeping beauty...

There's nothing sweeter than a child sleeping....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We've had a fun time celebrating Valentine's this month! I think Valentine's Day comes at a perfect time, during such a "blah" time of year. Not that we need a reason to show our love to one another, but it's always nice to have an excuse to celebrate!

Brooklyn's hair is getting SO long (and needs to be trimmed). I was able to do some festive hair-dos for her, and she loved having hearts in her hair!

We decorated cookies again. I mean, who can ever get enough sugar cookies?!

Look what the little lady has been sporting lately! Don't get too excited though, shortly after this, she pulled them off and peed in the tile in the bathroom. She's pretty good though, and if I put more effort into it I know she'd be potty trained. Problem is she wants to stand like Jace when she goes potty...

Oh, the concentration!

Trevor even made pink marshmallow popcorn for the kids when I was out seeing patients one night! It was delicious! He even remembered to take pictures...although the kids were so excited they all turned out blurry.

And what's Valentine's Day without flowers?! I LOVE Lilly's!

On Sunday we had all of my family over (minus Nate & Fam who are in Pennsylvania) over for dinner. Trevor made his mom's lasagna recipe from scratch! It was the yummiest lasagna I've ever tasted!!

Here's Noah & Grandpa! That boy is growing up WAY too fast!

Here we are decorating our "Valentine House". We never decorated our ginger bread house at Christmas, so I got a bunch of Valentine's candy for the kids to decorate!

It was the saddest gingerbread house I've ever seen! Almost every piece was cracked some how, and Shel & I tried to fix it up the best we could. It ended up imploding at the end! The kids didn't care though....they were too busy eating the candy!

What a great way to spend the day of love, with those you love! Hope you all had a nice holiday!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Spreading Love

We had some friends over the other day to play and we decorated Valentine's cookies! The kids were excited all morning, waiting for our friends to come over and carried around their sprinkles with them every where they went.

Here's Brooklyn decorating her cookie. There were sprinkles EVERYWHERE!

Jace sneaking a taste of frosting. I'm afraid my poor kids have inherited my sweet tooth!

Here's Hailey with all the big kids eating her cookie! My kids absolutely love Hailey and are showing that the are going to be very helpful when they get a little brother or sister.

Here's Jake showing he ate all of his cookie! I'm surprised he wasn't all green! He had a nice healthy layer of green sprinkles on his cookie!