Friday, March 14, 2008

Best Seat in Town

The other day we were all sitting around eating some popcorn and watching TV. Well, Jace wanted in on the fun, so he came and grabbed a handful of popcorn and plopped himself down on Brooklyn's Bumbo. I'm surprised he actually fit, but he seemed to be quite comfortable.

The only problem was geetting out of the seat!

It surprises me how much Jace is turning into a big boy! He's so independent and wants to do everything by himself. This is hard for me to accept, not only because he's my baby...but because he usually makes an awful big mess! I just love this boy...

Monday, March 10, 2008

What the...???

Today was a nice day. I decided to take the kids on a walk, and Trev decided to stay and shovel some of the snow that wasn't melting around the yard. When we were coming around the corner by my house, I swear I could hear a snow blower/lawn mower. Now it's been nice lately, but not nice enough to mow your lawn (obviously) and there isn't any snow on anyone's driveway, so where could the sound be coming from?

Here's what I found in my back yard (minus Jace). Trevor decided it was much more effective and a lot less work to use the snow blower instead of shovel.
Jace saw how fun daddy was having and just had to join in! I would have never thought to snow blow the lawn, but I guess it works! I'm definitely ready for the snow to be gone...and although he looked really funny, I'm glad Trevor found a creative way to help the rest of our snow melt...