Friday, January 30, 2009

Two Peas in a Pod

Lately, whatever Brooklyn does, Jace does. And everything Jace does, Brooklyn wants to do too. Sometimes it can be annoying, but mostly it's just really cute. They are learning to play together really well. I've been trying hard to capture some of these moments, it's fun to watch!

Here are Jace & Brooklyn in their "Car Towel" and "Princess Towel". They both have to be wrapped up in their towels and they run around the house. You can't bathe one without the other, and if one wants out, so does the other.

Here they are drinking their milk before bed. Jace loves to cuddle Brooklyn. (Yes, I know Jace is too old for a bottle, but try telling that to him when his little sister gets one. He only gets this one bottle a day. I figure when I wean her, I'll wean him too.)

A couple weeks ago, Tara picked up some boots for Brooklyn on sale up in Park City. After she got her diaper changed in the morning, Brooklyn wanted to try her new boots on. (Which are much too big, they're for next year). Jace, of course, had to go in the closet and get his boots on too. They stomped through the house all morning!

Here are the rugrats "helping" mommy do laundry. (Which consists of them emptying the hamper so they can climb in it!)

Yesterday after breakfast, Jace and Brooklyn were playing in Jace's room. Jace insisted on wearing his ball jammies, and both Brooklyn and Jace insisted that Brooklyn wear some of Jace's jammies too. They actually fit her better than I thought, but were still really big. They thought they were so cool in their jammies. I even took them to the store like that! (I know, kind of embarrassing, but oh well. I'm glad to get my kids dressed once a day, and really didn't want to fight them into changing their clothes.

Then Brooklyn climbed into the laundry basket where Jace had to follow. I love this picture of Brooklyn bugging Jace. It's nice that she can pester him a little once in awhile since it's usually the other way around!

It's so much fun having the kids so close in age. It's so fun to watch them play together and to interact.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fun with the Taylors

We had such a fun weekend in Tooele with the Taylor's! Shelly & Marc so graciously allowed us to bombard their house with the two kids and all our crap, and didn't even act inconvenienced! I feel bad because Trev & I sleep in their guest room, we put Brooklyn in their computer room, and Jace in Ry's really, we did overtake their house! We had a lot of fun with the kids, Marc & Trev saw a manly movie, and Shel & I did a little bargain shopping (thanks for saving those coupons for me, Shel!). Marc spent most of the weekend reformatting our whole computer and now it runs SOoOO FAST! I love it! Thank you SO SO much, Marc!

Here's Ry guy and Jace playing catch in Shelly's formal living room. Jace absolutely adores Rylan and called for him every time he left the room.

Ry is trying to teach Jace how to "hike" the football.

Here's Brooklyn in their sink after having another blow-out after her nap. We're having some pooping issues since we've put her on whole milk, but I won't go into it. She looks so tiny in their sink! In case you're wondering, she's 15 months and still under 17 lbs! She's going to be in her rear-facing car seat until she's 2 at this rate!!

Brooklyn's getting hosed off.

Aunt Shelly doing Brooke's hair. (Geese, do I ever get my kids dressed?!)

Shel's teaching Jace how to bang on things like a drum. Lovely ;o).

Kylee wants to be so helpful with Brooklyn. Maybe a little too helpful! Brooklyn is a little overwhelmed by Kylee's ambitions to love her!

Ky girl giving Jace a kiss.

Thanks to the Taylor's for letting us play with you this weekend. We'll have to do it again soon!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Snow Bunnies

Last week, we got a couple days of pretty good snow. Trevor loves it when it snows because then he gets to snow blow the driveway (which is apparently fun for him) and because we have access to a 4-wheeler and a lot of open space. Tara and Wes have a sweet 4-wheeler, but unfortunately needed a place to store it. We certainly have some space, and finally got some good use out of it! Tara & Wes were down from Park City for a couple days while it snowed, and the boys had a blast on the 4-wheeler. It's nice because we have quite a few vacant lots on our street that are perfect for 4-wheeling.

Now Jace usually goes outside to "Shovel snow Daddy". He absolutely loves it and has his own little shovel. Brooklyn usually stays inside with me, but on this day she through an absolute fit and wanted to go outside with her brother. I bundled her up and out we went!

She makes such an adorable snow bunny! She was so fascinated by the snow that she wouldn't look at the camera or anything else for that matter.

She reminded me of the little boy on the Christmas story. She couldn't move real well and kept tipping over!

Here's Wes and Jace on the "whoa" (which is what he calls it).

Jace and Wes are going over the "bump", Jace's favorite part.

Brooklyn liked the 4-wheeler too. She was really stoic and wouldn't show any facial expressions. (Again, she wouldn't look at the camera).

The Jace wanted a turn. He got up with Daddy and looked down at Brooklyn and kept saying "Sissy!". He's a good big brother (some of the time) and looks out for Brooklyn. We belted them together and Brooklyn leaned forward the whole time.

I even took a little turn. By this time, Brooklyn was warming up to the 4-wheeler and said "WHOA!" (in a very enthusiastic voice) every time we went over a bump.

Here's Jace with his mini snowman he helped to build. The kid LOVES snowmen and everything else to do with Christmas. He's been going through withdrawals because there's no Christmas lights or decorations outside when we go driving at night.

Here's Daddy and Brooke...

So I guess there is something good about all of this snow and cold weather! I have definitely decided that we'll have to invest in a 4-wheeler eventually. It was a lot of fun!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Family Pictures

In November we got family pictures. I haven't posted them yet because we gave them as Christmas presents and didn't want to ruin the surprise. (Yes, I know, Dad, I haven't quite got your framed yet). Anyway, I was so impressed with how cute they turned out! It's hard to get good pictures of both our kids at the same time. There are so many to choose from I'll just post my favorites (which is still a lot).

Family Pictures

Trevor & Tiffany

Jace & Brooklyn



Jace & Daddy

Brooklyn & Mommy

I know, I know, I have a LOT of favorites!  I don't think they do Brooklyn justice, but she isn't at a very cooperative age.  The lady who did them did SUCH an awesome job!  (You can see her photos at  Let me know if any of you would like copies or I can send you an email with the attachments.  I am SO blessed to have such a wonderful family!