Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer is Finally Here!

Now that summer has finally arrived, we've been having a ton of fun!

The kids love playing outside on their swing set, and are little monkeys climbing and swinging from everything they can. Best news of all, is Jace has learned how to pump on the swing! HALLELUJAH!

We've made some yummy treats that seem to get more on their faces than in their mouths! This is a classic Brooklyn expression when she's trying to explain something to me. Love it!

On a rainy day, we brought the cushions from our swing inside, the kids found that they made perfect little beds to lay on while watching t.v.!

I gave Brooklyn her first haircut (scary, I know). She was very disappointed to find out we only used scissors instead of the razor like when I cut Daddy & Jace's hair.

I didn't really get a good "before" shot, but her hair was pretty long, and not really even, so I decided that I'd just trim it to one length (except for her bangs which are taking FOREVER to grow!).

Here's the finished product. Certainly nothing fancy, I'll save that for when she goes to a professional! It's a lot easier to keep up now, and looks a lot less straggly! (On a side note, don't you just love her little bum?! She puts her underwear on backwards sometimes and walks around with a wedgie!)

We celebrated Father's Day on Sunday by waking up and cuddling in bed. There's no better way to start the day!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Working on the Basement

Over a year after we started the basement it's finally ready for dry wall! Trevor had the majority of last week off of school, most of which was spent in the basement finishing up electrical, framing in air ducts, and doing insulation. Luckily we have some great family and friends who have helped out a ton! I even was down there doing some of the grunt work! (You know if I was down there helping, they must have been desperate!)

Here's my sexy man in his work attire!

Cutting wood for framing.

This was my really fun job. I got to cut the insulation so that it was easier to put up. Oh my achin' back! Ugh. I am not as young as I used to be.

Here I am stapling the insulation. Trevor took the staple gun and showed me how to do it (he just went pop, pop, pop, down the seam, connecting the dry wall to the studs.) I tried it, and it wasn't exactly as easy as he made it seem! Good thing Marc came the next day with a battery powered stapler!!!

Now, we just get to wait and watch as our basement gets dry walled! I'm so happy we've hired it out and don't have to worry about it! It'll probably be our last project for a little while, until we can make some more money to finish it! Sheesh, it's expensive!!! I'm excited to have it done so we can entice our Canadian and out-of-state family to come visit us :o).