Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fun at the Fair

Last Saturday was "Heritage Days" in Syracuse. Last year we didn't really participate too much in the festivities because we had barely moved here and didn't know what was going on. This year we had a lot of fun!

Here are the kids waiting for the parade. They were thrilled!

Jace was ecstatic because the first thing in the parade were about 15 fire trucks! He kept looking down the street and laughing and screaming "FIRE TRUCK, Hooray!" as they approached (It's a song from Barney). The funny thing is, Jace says it more like "Fire Furruck" and Sissy says it the same way, except she doesn't say the "r".

Jace learned the drill pretty quick. Wave and smile, then people will throw you LOTS of candy! He was very polite and yelled thank-you back each time!

Brooklyn enjoyed watching from afar, especially when the candy started rolling in, then she'd try and sneak treats while we weren't looking!

Brooklyn and Jace with their loot! They got WAY too much candy, and I have eaten WAY too much of it!

Here's Trev & the babes in front of an old Fire Truck at the fair.

The kids enjoyed the bouncy house....

....and the choo-choo train (of course!)

Jace sliding down a "carpet slide".
I didn't take pictures of my most favorite aspect of the day, which is quite obviously Cotton Candy!!! I love going and checking out the booths at the fairs too. I got the coolest towel-bibs for the kids that have sleeves and cover their entire shirts! Also, my and my sisters got some awesome watches (with the interchangeable beaded bands). I LOVE fairs!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Picnic in a Box

Yesterday Trevor and I had to close on our refinance (Hooray for 4.75% interest!) and luckily it was just down the street from my parents. They are always so good to watch the kids for me, and the kids LOVE going over there and playing on the swing set and with all of the toys.
When I went to pick the kids up, they were having a picnic in a box! Luckily, my dad kept the box to the BBQ we gave him for Father's Day and the kids thought it was the funnest thing ever! I guess they played with it the whole time I was gone, making it into a house, a secret hiding place, a lunch venue, and finally a hamster wheel. I'm afraid to say the hamster wheel did the box in, but the kids definitely got their enjoyment out of it!! Why is it that the boxes are so much fun to kids? My dad and I decided we're going to invent some sort of plastic box for kids that doesn't get trashed so easily!!!

Here's Jace trying to take Brooklyn's CapriSun, and Brooklyn holding on for dear life! She won't let her brother bully her around!
Thanks to the parents for watching the babes...and having such a fun time with them that they didn't want to come home!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

South Ogden 5K

Yesterday Trevor ran in the South Ogden Days 5K. I was kind of bummed I couldn't run with him but I messed up my knee a couple of weeks ago, plus I was on-call (work) so I didn't know if I'd be out or not. Luckily, I didn't have anything and was able to see him finish!

Here's Trevor right after he finished. He finished faster than I thought, which is why I don't have any pictures of him running. At the time I thought I should cheer instead of taking a picture. Now I wish I had the picture! He did awesome though, finishing in 27 minutes!

Here's Daddy with his # 1 cheerleader. We were actually lucky that the finishing line just so happened to be right by a playground! Way to go, hon. We're all very proud!

Thanks go out to Tara who hung out with us so we were able to see Trevor finish (since I was on-call) and Shelly for offering. I love my family!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Choo Choo Trains

Yesterday we went to the Union Station for some festivities they had down there. There was a Disney Train for the Christmas Carol (which I believe is coming to theatres this fall) and it was FREE (aside from the $20 parking ticket I got....don't get me started). Well the kids love trains, and you certainly can't argue with free, so we decided to invite some friends and check it out. I guess the idea was good, because there were a TON of people, which accounts for the 2-3 hour wait just to tour the train. Considering that we had 4 kids 3 years old and under, we decided that wasn't going to happen. We decided to just let the kids play around the trains, which ended up being fun for the babes.

Although he looks grumpy, Jace was in HEAVEN! He LOVES trains! (He also loves mud puddles and splashed through everyone we passed, although I didn't get any pictures.)

Here's Jace saying "cheese". He's always pulling out the "cheese" face when I take pictures. The only problem is that he doesn't usually look at the camera.

Here's Brooklyn. She's such a monkey, and wants to climb on just about everything! Jace has rubbed off on her, and she loves trains too (she also follows Jace through the mud puddles too, by the way). I think she's going to be a little tom-boy.

They definitely weren't cooperating in getting their pictures taken. This is Jace's "cheese" face, at this point he was yelling "cheese" because I didn't take the picture fast enough.

This is how we ended the day. Jace saw kids taking off their shirts and playing in the fountain, so Jace took his shirt off. Of course Sissy had to take off her shirt too, which also led to the removal of her pants. Of course Jace had to take his of too. (Do you see why my kids are in their diapers a lot?) Even though we didn't see most of the festivities, it was nice to get out a play! Thanks for coming along, Jen!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baby Noah

He's finally here! Tara had her baby on June 5th. He is 8 lbs 1 oz and 20 inches of pure sweetness! Since Tara stayed with us for a good chunk of her pregnancy, I feel like I've bonded with this little guy for a long time. Still, it's so amazing to see him in person! Since most of the pictures I took are on Tara's camera, I only have a few to share. (Tara, I need to download them to my computer ASAP!). He actually looks very similar to how Jace did as a newborn (no wonder he's so adorable :o) ). I'll have to post some pictures of both of them side by side...

We talked to Brooklyn and Jace a lot about Baby Noah while Tara was pregnant. They loved to kiss her tummy, and Jace talked about how he was going hold Baby Noah, and give him kisses and hugs, but when we got to the hospital, this is what the kids were mostly interested it.

They did take turns giving him kisses though. Jace said he didn't want to hold him though, because he's too big. (Um, hello...they don't get much smaller than that, Jace!)

Here's one proud aunt with her new little babe. (I may or may not be a little baby hungry, so I have been a very big baby hog with Noah every time I see him.)

Trevor and Noah.

Brooklyn giving Wes some loves. (The kids have been missing Tara and Wes a lot lately because they used to get to see them every day. Brooklyn LOVES Wes!)

Here's Brooky and Tara. Tara was such a champ and did so well! I'm so happy for her! She already is such a good Mommy! Good thing she's had nieces and nephews to practice on!