Monday, January 31, 2011

Surviving the Winter

After the passing of the holidays, we've been trying to keep ourselves out of the "Winter Blues". Considering that the weather has been decent for this time of the year, it hasn't been too bad, but we still struggle through these long months until spring.

We actually have had a couple of snow storms, requiring Trev to get out the snow blower (although I think he's secretly disappointed that he hasn't had the opportunity to use it more! )

The kids love to play in the snow, and are anxious for some more accumulation. We have hardly any snow, and the snow we do get, usually melts in a couple of hours.

The kids have been having a lot of "Daddy Time". Trevor's going to school this semester to get his bachelors in nursing but his schedule requires a LOT less time at school, so the kids get plenty of time to play with him! Also, I'm still working on-call Monday-Thursday nights and have been picking up extra visits to pay off some Christmas/basement debt. I'm very much looking forward to Trevor getting a job!! (He takes his boards next Monday, and hopefully will be able to get a job easier once he has his actual RN license.)

The kids love to play pillow fights and wrestle Daddy any time they get. They double team him but Daddy still manages to tickle torture them every time!

Last week Trevor decided to have a little camp fire in the back yard and roast hot dogs and marshmallows with the kids (while I was working). Doesn't seem like something you'd do in January, but the kids LOVED it! I'm happy they had a good time (even if it was without me) but I'm sure not a big fan of the whole house smelling like a camp fire when I got home!

Life is good, and we're surviving the winter. I need to take some pictures of the bedrooms downstairs that we're working on ("we're" meaning mostly Trevor, although I do help, doing all of the crappy jobs, if you ask me.). Hopefully we can get the rooms done downstairs done soon, so Jace and Brooklyn can move down there before the baby arrives! Time is going by way too fast though, and there's too much to do! I guess that's good though, it's nice to be busy this time of the year! It will be spring before we know it!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Precious Pictures

A week or so ago, we had our target ultrasound for this little guy! It's always fun to go in and see all of his organs, and each atrium of his heart working to pump blood through his little body, the different ventricles of his brain... Everything looked great, all of his parts were there, and he looks as healthy as can be! The other great part of the ultrasound is that we can see his little face in 4D! He was somewhat cooperative, and we got a small glimpse to what this babe is going to look like!

This is probably the best face shot. My babies like to have their fists up by there face all of the time, so it makes it hard to see what they look like!

There's the little fists I was talking about!

He looks a lot like our other babes in utero. Cute little nose, full lips.

This one's not great, but he's touching his nose!
I can't believe we're almost to the third trimester! As slow as this pregnancy has seemed, it's gone by really fast (if that makes any sense)! It's fun to feel him wiggling in there, he's up in my ribs already! Looks like I'll be carrying this one super high like Jace and Brooklyn!! Pregnancy hasn't been terrible. I can't complain. I've just had a lot of heartburn and reflux, some sciatic nerve pain, and the general aches and pains. I'm excited to meet this little guy, but we still have a LOT to do in the next 15 weeks!!