Monday, April 25, 2011

It's about time!!

So I'm a crappy blogger. I know. I can honestly say that these past few months have been the most stressful of my life! Work has been really busy and I've tried to pick up some extra visits when I can, Trevor has been busy with school (he has 3 semesters after nursing school to get his BSN) and finding a job (which has been tough....every employer wants nursing experience, but no one wants to give it to you!!). On top of it all, I'm hugely pregnant with everything that comes along with it. Enough of the complaining, I'm now on maternity leave from work, Trevor has a job, and he's done with his spring semester (with straight A's!!!). Life is good.

With work being so busy, and Trevor not working (also, school hasn't been quite as tough this semester as it was in the nursing program), he's been able to spend more time with the kiddos. He's become quite the "Mr. Mom"! Here he is blow-drying Brooklyn's hair after bath-time so she doesn't have to go to bed with wet hair. What a cute dad!

Jace and Brooklyn are two little peas in a pod. They "help" me clean and want to be involved in whatever I'm doing. They play so well together, and it's so fun to hear their conversations and role playing. I am SO blessed to have had such a wonderful surprise 14 months after Jace was born!

Best buddies. LOVE them!

We had our first experience with the kids cutting their hair. Luckily, it was Jace's and not Brooklyn's! If you ask Jace, he'll tell you "I cut my hair without asking". What a little stinker! I buzzed his hair and it's kind of been nice not having to do it the past few weeks!

Here is Tara and I the day before she had Logan (a week and a half ago). I realized as I was coming back from seeing a patient that we hadn't had any pregnancy pictures together AT ALL and since she was having her baby the next day it was pretty much the last shot we had. Don't judge, this was very impromptu and we were both tired and dragging at the end of the day... (Sorry, Tara. All of the pictures we had were ugh. I thought we told Wes to take good pictures of us!!). Now Tara's tummy is flat, and mine is even bigger!!

Behold, the baby bump. Although I think calling it a "bump" is being WAY too nice! I'm 37 weeks here. I'll probably have Tara take some more pictures of the belly and kids in the next week since this is probably our caboose.... I definitely think I've been more tired, sore, exhausted, etc with this pregnancy, but I can't complain too much! Now that I'm done with work and have more time to "nest" life is much less stressful. We're excited to meet this little guy and welcome him to our family!!!


M+J=K3+E said...

You are so cute pregnant. Can't wait to meet your little man!!

Kendra Belliston said...

You are so cute and little!! Can't wait to see pictures of the babe.

Survival of The Fittest said...

Hey cute pregnant lady :) I sent you a blog invite and I was wondering if you might email me your address so I can drop off a baby gift. Its and congrats on Trevors job/school! This is Rhi by the way in case you thought it was some werido ;)