Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Loving Cole

We have been LOVIN' us some Cole! The kids are constantly arguing about who's turn it is to hold him and wake up every morning so excited and surprised that he's here. They can't leave the house or go to bed without giving him multiple kisses and hugs. They especially love his hair! They are constantly rubbing it, flattening it, or making it into a Mohawk, etc. In fact, Brooklyn will ask me if I can put Cole in his bouncer so she can "pet" him!

Here is Jace cuddling Cole. He has been so sweet with his little brother. He told me one night while I was tucking him in that "if Cole doesn't want any milk, or his binkie, than you should bring him to me, because he might want some 'Jace Time'". Now he's always saying that the baby needs some "Jace Time".

Brooklyn with the babe. They're both really good with him. A lot of the time I will give them the baby and they will put him to sleep in just a few minutes. (Except when he "accidentally" fell off the couch!)

We gave Cole his first bath which was a huge hit with the kids! They were very "helpful".

Cole LOVES to get his hair washed!

He wasn't too sure about the bath part, but didn't cry until we got him out and got him dressed.

Being a baby is exhausting!!! (Although I wish he was a little more 'exhausted' in the middle of the night!!)


Stephanie said...

"Jace Time"...that is just way too adorable!

Kenzie said...

You have the cutest kids I have EVER seen... WOW

Shelly said...

He is the CUTEST thing ever! Love, Love, Love him!

Karissa said...

Tiff he is so adorable. If I haven't said it yet--congrats! I'm relieved to hear your kids are such big fans even after it's been a month. I'm a little concerned that the magic will wear off with mine and they'll get sick of having a baby around. Your kids are right about his hair....it's awesome, I love the mohawk!